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Welcome at PascalSCADA Wiki!

This Main Page was created to document and share everything that is related with the project PascalSCADA.

Currently, the following pages are migrated from the old wiki:


The next are:

  • How install the current PascalSCADA version on my development environment.
  • How to use the ISOTCP Driver to communicate with Siemens PLC's
  • How to use the ISOTCP Driver to communicate with the smallest Siemens Logo V8.
  • How to use the ModBus RTU/TCP driver;
  • How to use the Melsec TCP driver (Mitsubishi PLC's);
  • How to write my own protocol driver.
  • How to use the Serial port driver to exchange data with a custom device.
  • What's the Mutex Server and Mutex Client and what can I do with that.
  • How to do scales.
  • How to use tag builder.
  • How to use the security system
  • How to integrate the security system of PascalSCADA with the Siemens WinCC security system.

While I don't finish these itens, you can see the examples at: